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Link Building
To really move the needle in search results you need to establish relationships with other industry-related websites. I use ethical, white-hat methods which include guest posting, infographic creation and distribution, video production, and social media bookmarking. All links are permanent, one-way placements that won’t get you penalized in Google.
Site Optimization
Included in a standard analysis; broken links, 404 errors, redirect optimization, keyword saturation, title tag and meta description recommendations, site speed tests, internal linking structure, and general technical recommendations. Without a proper sweep-through many websites are held back by technical details that keep search engine spiders from crawling correctly.
White Label SEO
I provide white label SEO for agencies that specialize in web design, social media, and other marketing-related services. Often times providing full-scale SEO services requires extra bandwidth that many agencies don’t have. I charge hourly or in some cases on a project basis.
Video SEO
Search engines love original video. I have extensive experience in digital video production. Not only are they great for branding but also are effective for producing rich snippets in search results which increase click-through rates and help in achieving higher organic rankings. Video is a major driving force in modern SEO.
Content Creation
I work with highly respected copywriters and bloggers who utilize highly effective syndication methods that help get your brand recognized.

Safe SEO Methods

atlanta organic link building Building a natural link profile is the ONLY way to do SEO. Having a slew of spammy links pointing to your site can get you ripped by Google and other search engines. I have a vast network of high quality, relevant sites to get placements on.

Content Creation

It’s more than just a buzzword. Google will never penalize you for producing good content. It’s a privileged position to be in: where you create “usefulness” on your website that people link to and then come back for more. Many a companies have risen due to great content.

Guest Posting

Did I mention that CONTENT IS KING? The best way for people to learn about your product is to get the word out. And what better way to do it than have other sites write about your product? Especially if it’s relevant to their audience.

What I Don't Do

  • Link Networks -  Link acquisition is a huge part of SEO. Getting other sites to link to yours is vital to gain position in search results. I stay away from paid link networks and you should too. Google is notorious for penalizing websites that use these methods. I build natural link profiles, devoid of spammy tactics that get you in trouble.
  • Article Marketing - This kind of SEO gives me chills. Since Google’s Panda Update starting rolling out in the early part of 2011 a lot of sites using shallow content farms to acquire links have seen their rankings dramatically drop. Cheap and dirty simply doesn’t work anymore.
  • Make Promises -  I don’t “guarantee” search result placements. Google is wildly unpredictable, now more than ever. Companies/individuals who claim to get clients to the top of search results in two weeks are blowing smoke up your ass. No “natural” SEO campaign involves such quick results.
  • Traditional Advertising -  I respectfully decline requests to run AdWords campaigns or set up affiliate networks. Although there is value in online advertising I simply do not have the time to be an expert at both organic and PPC marketing. I do know firms that specialize in PPC and would be happy to share my contacts!

Atlanta SEO Expert

Advertising is expensive and unpredictable. Whether it’s setting up an AdWords campaign or using traditional outlets (newspaper, trade magazines etc.) the cost benefit rarely adds up. SEO is often a last resort because of the skill/time required to rank favorably in search engines. I have extensive experience getting competitive keywords to rank favorably in Google, Yahoo, and Bing – all using white hat methods. I believe in creating great content and establishing powerful brands that have staying power. Inbound marketing is paramount to creating an authoritative website. This is a recent video with Matt Cutts, explaining the basics of how Google Search works. My fees are on par with the industry standard. I have a vast skill set and typically don’t outsource things like design and development, which helps drive down cost and enables me to be more agile and effective. I can travel throughout the Metro-Atlanta area and am always willing to talk on the phone.